Learn how to configure user login on PHPRad studio

Configuring user Registration

In order to secure an application, the end-user(s) of the application need to pass through an authentication process. Click on the Authentication icon to start configuration.

On the Registration Table, select users from the drop down list to activate pages and field properties

From the drop-down list on each field, set the end-user information detail required for registration as preferred

Required fields in this section must be completely configured before the Login Mode section can be active for configuration

Configuring user login

On the Login Mode section, PHPRad studio allows it's user to specify the method an end-user of an application can use to login, such as specifying if an end- user can use both email and username, username only or email only to login, this can be done by using the select field provided.

Allow User to Register

This section allows you to set if an end-user of the application can self register or not. This is helpful if the application is for management purpose, therefore will not permit user self-registration.

checkForce Email Verificationfield to force a user verify her email after an account has been created -> checkAuto Login After Registration field to automatically login an end-user of the application once an account has been created successfully -> check Enable Password Reset field to allow end-user recover forgotten password ->click Okay -> Publish to view changes.

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