Dropdown Menu

01. Data Bind


Allows user to select the field in a database table by which the Dropdown Menu will filter the records


Allows user to select where to pull data from; from a database, from a table etc

  • Quick List: Allows user select list of preferred data, and add more if necessary

  • Enter Value: Allows user to enter the values in a field and select preferred label

  • Data Table: Enables user to select table, its value and label

  • Custom SQL: Allows user to enter their custom query

    • Query Builder

      • Designer: Allows user to select tables, fields, sort, sort order, group, aggregate, operand, comparator and value that will be used to build queries

      • Code: This is where you view generated queries

      • Result: Allows user to observe query results and apply changes in the designer section if needed


When set to True, filters only by the current Dropdown Menu component, when set to False, filters by multiple filter components


Used to validate the end-user input against the records in the database


Allows user to name the tag of the filtered result after Dropdown Menu have been selected and filtered from the database

02. Component Design

Reset Item Text

Shows as part of the drop down list, when selected, resets the filtered records to default state

Button Text

Allows user to set or name the drop down menu button


Allows user to select an icon to be displayed on the drop down menu button


Allows user to selected to class(s) or style to be applied on the drop down menu button


Allows user to set the class for wrapping the drop down menu

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