Adding User Record Management

Allows user to configure access right on page data for end-users. This means that end-users can only see records they are permitted to see or assigned to.

Database Table

This displays the list of tables available in your Database. To configure, you have to click on the specific table you want end users to have limited access to. In the image below, it would be post database table.

We have three User Roles and Permission; Administrator, User and Staff. So, we will configure who can view, edit and delete a record on the post table.

Select table field that match user records

The below configurations ensures that users only see data/record they added or was assigned to.

Posted By Field

This is the field in the current database table that holds the details of the user who created/added the data to the table.

Assign To Field

This is the field that holds the details of the user who the data or record has been assigned to.

Match Record By User

Allows user to set the field that a user data from Posted By Field or Assign To Field will be validated against n the users Database Table.

If the Posted By Field or Assign To Field holds the id of a user, the Match Record By User should be set to id. this means that, it checks if the end-user currently logged in, and viewing the record matches the user who created it or it was assigned to.

Allow Other Users With Roles to Access and Manage Records

This Allows user to set what actions (List, Edit & Delete) a specific User Role can take on the current page records/data.

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