Learn how to create and manage pages in PHPRad

Pages in PHPRad are the main hub of application development, for each page, there is a corresponding fields created for the application, here the fields of the page are listed.

The page properties are listed below the page pane, while field and field properties are listed on the immediate right next to the page pane.

PHPRad studio creates default pages after the user sets up the database for a new project

Pages can be edited, added, deleted, sorted and customized to suit user's application requirements.

Adding a page

To add a new new page click on the Add New Page button

Duplicating a page

To duplicate a page, highlight the particular page-> click on the Duplicate Page button.

When a page is duplicated, it outputs' with the page's default fields, and the field's properties which can be customized and designed.

Deleting a page

User can delete an added page by clicking the Delete Page button.

Default pages cannot be deleted, default pages can only be customized or edited.

Designing and customizing pages

To change the design of the pages or fields and how they interact -> check the Custom box of the exact page to be modified -> code editor appears for the user to make changes on the page and and its relationship to other pages.

Click on the Design button to navigate to Page Design window to edit pages, page components (section, rows, columns) and widgets

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