Date Field

01. Data Bind


Allows user to select the field in a database table by which the Date field will filter the records


When set to True, filters only by the current single date component, when set to False, filters by multiple filter components


  • Single: Allows for the selection of a single date

  • Multiple: Allows for selection of multiple date to be filtered by

  • Range: Allows for filtering of database records between two selected dates


Used to validate the end-user input against the records in the database

Selection Type

  • DateOnly: Displays only date component when selected

  • TimeOnly: Displays only time component when selected

  • DateTime: Displays both date and time component when selected

02. Component Design


Allows user to enter a default text in the date component when there's no input


This is the title of the Date field component


When set to True, displays the date component in the current page, when set to False does not display in line


Allows user to name the tag of the filtered result after date has been selected and filtered


This is where user adds custom class name created, to be applied to the date field

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